KFS Boat Docks Products
docks and ramps
Custom Custom

We work closely with our clients to design the dock they desire. We custom design every dock to fit any location. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and review every detail to make sure we build the proper deck to meet your needs.

All of our docks are custom built to your specifications.  If we are building your dock for a site on the Willamette or Columbia River we would deliver by our tug service.  We will design docks to be trucked and assembled for all other locations.

Residential Residential

Lighter weight residential ramps are constructed with three inch square tube and come in up to 50 foot lengths. Any design needed to span over 50 feet, we construct these medium duty ramps with four inch tubing.

Medium Medium

We do all of our own fabrication on our Aluminum Ramps. We can build any size up to 85’ full span lengths. We construct our gangways with 3” or 4” square Aluminum tube material and then deck the gangway with a wide variety of products including Thru-Flow Interlocking Panels, Aluminum or Fiber Glass Grating.

Heavy Heavy

Heavy ramps are built for commercial and public application where heavier loads are required. The photo on the left shows two new access ramps for an existing floating home marina.

Concrete Concrete

This picture is a residential dock constructed with one solid 10’ x 40’ section with a 8’ x 10’ ramp landing which is secured together with thru rods to make one solid float.  This dock is located on the Columbia River right next to the ship and tug channel.  The round grating in the deck is required by many states to allow for the sunlight to penetrate thru the dock so that predatory fish will be deterred.

Welded Welded

The steel docks are welded 8” or 10” I-Beams, pressure treated wood joist material. The Aluminum is constructed much like the steel but with 10” heavy channel. All the Steel is coated with an industrial epoxy coating or hot dipped galvanized. They can be decked with Wood, Concrete, Composite or Thru Flow Decking. All of our welded docks are floated with Roto-Molded Float units filled with Styrofoam. (See Products)

These float boxes are proven to be resistant to damage in the harshest of environments due to the seamless construction with quality EPS interior and heavy wall construction, there is no need to look for a better source of Floatation.